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Music Careers: Local to Global Resources

Written by: Angelea Hengle

Whether you’re freshly a college grad or are a seasoned industry veteran, navigating your place in the music industry can be daunting. With so many areas of entertainment, it can be frustrating to find where you fit in and even where to find these jobs or internships.

Where to Find Job/Internship Postings:

We have all heard that LinkedIn is the number 1 resource for finding your next job. When looking specifically for music industry jobs it can be frustrating, as the search may be too broad or the findings aren’t quite what you pictured. Below are some resources and helpful hints for finding your next job!

  • Join a FaceBook Group: Girls Behind the Rock Show is a FaceBook group dedicated to helping women and non-binary folk seek out opportunities, advice, and the chance to network within the music industry. While you can join the general group, they also have specific groups for your location (ie. GBTRS Chicago, GBTRS Europe). Since this is a private group, you will need to answer a few questions to join, and then wait for the creators to accept your answers. Once in the group, you can find job opportunities under the hashtag #GBTRSOpp and #GBTRSPaid/Unpaid There are different FB groups for all aspects of the industry, especially if you are looking to get into live music. The groups Richmond VA Area Events for Music Lovers and Richmond Live Music are great resources for finding your next favorite Richmond artist or connecting with industry professionals in the Richmond area.

  • App: Ignited is a must-have for Richmonders and all those located in Central VA. Founder Maggie Graff (featured on HearRVA's Liner Notes) has successfully paved the way for musicians, writers, photographers, and music enthusiasts to connect and network on a local level through a user-friendly and easy-accessible platform. You can browse through postings in the following groups: music news, industry giveaways, the pit (the main source for posting introductions and promos), in search of/selling, and networking/jobs.

  • Career Websites: Big-name industry companies such as LiveNation, Universal Music Group, and Spotify often have job postings and internships listed on their website. You can search for any type of career in any part of the world depending on where they have locations.

  • Careers in Music: At, you can find your ideal music career, your dream music school, and a multitude of career resources. To find your niche in the industry, you can take the Music Career Finder quiz which can help narrow down which facet of the industry you are interested in. Once you have taken the quiz, head on over to the career resources page where you can find different organizations and groups for your artistic needs.

  • HearRVA: Yes us! If you are passionate about uplifting Richmond's music scene and want to work on creative projects while building a resume, then volunteer with us. We are always looking for content creators, organizers, community outreachers and musical cheerleaders. Hit us up HERE

These are just a few resources to help get your foot in the door or search for your dream job. No matter where you are in your career, there is a place for everyone at the table.


Blog Author - Angelea Hengle: Hey y'all! I'm Angelea and am super excited to be a part of this great team! I'm a recent graduate from DePaul University in Chicago, IL, and am so happy to call Richmond home again. I received my Bachelor of Science in General Management with also a double minor in Psychology and Music Business. In college, I was President of DePaul Dance Company and Co-Event Coordinator for DePaul Music Business Organization. Creativity and artistry have always been a part of who I am and I am so grateful to be in this amazing community.

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