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Team HearRVA

HearRVA began as a small seed and has sprouted into a tribe. We are running on passion power and help build each other up one project at a time. This platform really could not function without the team and we thank everyone tremendously for all their time and  and special sets of skills. 

We are hungry, growing, and welcome all the positive vibes and help. Get to know us a little and let's get connected!

Maxwell Ross
Max Ross

Volunteer 2021-Present

Rashida McCoy
Rashida McCoy

Volunteer 2021

Gavin Harrison Intern
Gavin Harrison

Intern Summer 2022

Jess Hedrick
Jess Hedrick

Volunteer 2021

Shiloh Tillman Intern
Shiloh Tillman

Intern Winter 2022

Gordy Michael
Gordy Michael

Volunteer 2021

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