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Richmond, Virginia Southside and hull st.

Southside City Slide Playlist

The sun is out and the windows are down as you slide through Richmond, pondering deep-thoughts to Soul and Hip-Hop music. This mid-to-low tempo playlist will set the vibe as you drive across the Belvedere bridge, take a right on Hull and end up in Southside plaza looking for a fried fish sandwich.

Check out the slow horns Michael Millions drips his vocals on top of on “Hard to Be King”, or “Here” by Calvin Presents and Sam Reed, a jazzy-celebration of the spirit of perseverance of the Black community in the United States and “Graduation Day” from Smyth Knight, a retelling of a high-school graduation that ends badly when the celebration becomes intertwined with the Protests in response to police brutality of 2020.

HearRVA mixtaste playlist quiz Southside cassette tape
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