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HearRVA is a platform that connects Richmond artists to the communities and resources they need to launch, promote, and expand their musical career. Our collective of artists, musicians, and cultural curators collaborate to produce art that illuminates Richmond’s creative talent and celebrates the history of music in our city.

The reality is, art and business are more closely intertwined than we like to believe. In order for local artists to thrive, they need widespread support from the Richmond community. We make it easy for the public to invest in local talent so artists can continue creating the soundtrack to the city we love.


HearRVA aims to bring together many genres of Richmond music and its history. We have created a space to learn about new albums and events happening in and around the city. We want people to discover us because we promoted their favorite artist, but stay because of the wide range of quality Richmond artists that we spotlight. If someone leaves our platform or event without finding another artist that they can support, we have failed. We want HearRVA to be the tree that connects all the branches of Richmond’s music scene.

We aim to build the HearRVA brand into the premier music outlet for central Virginia. We are working towards hosting live music events, exclusive online content, creating merchandise that unites the music community and supports the city's youth in their pursuit of artistic growth. 

You can always HearRVA here.

Elijah Hedrick and Rian L. Moses owners of HearRVA

Behind The Scene

Our Richmond, VA residency started in 2006, but honestly, the start of HearRVA didn't begin at that point... or even in this country. We, Rian and Elijah, left our RVA home, our families and jobs to travel the world for 11-months.

While bouncing around the globe figuring our lives out, it was easy to find so many cities that were inspiring. We realized the things that endeared us to these places could all be found back in Richmond:

Berlin's art scene: Check!

The water flowing through Rome and Paris: Check!

Los Angeles' music culture: Check!

Chiang Mai's sense of community: Check!

Historical significance found around the world: Check!

After moving back to RVA and settling into the same house and the same job, we had a whole new appreciation for Richmond, the city and its people. The whole world should hear all the amazing things Richmond, Virginia has to offer.

There is so much to learn and discover about our city. Starting with the deep rooted history of turmoil and the founding of this country (USA), the colorful art you see as you drive around, the James River ecosystem, and of course the music of the city. We want to share all of this with the people that live in Richmond, VA. We learned that you can live here and still be oblivious to its powerful culture. 

Now those people can discover and hear RVA, here.


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