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Gritty In the City: Retail in Detail

RVA Music hits the streets of NYC.

At a bar one evening in Richmond Va., HearRVA's eliturite overheard, Gritty City Records' co-owner, Johnny Ciggs talking about trying to break his music into new markets by going into record stores and selling hand to hand. After some chit-chat about the details, HearRVA tagged along as Johnny Ciggs and Fan Ran (other co-owner of Gritty City) walked all over New York City getting their music placed into stores.

Check out Gritty City Records: @grittycityrecs

Thank you to Johnny Ciggs and Fan Ran for allowing us to come on this trip and letting us film their process.

Listen to Fan Ran's music here:

Listen to Johnny Ciggs's music here:

All music within this video is produced by Fan Ran: @fanranfilms

Videography and Editing by: Elijah Hedrick

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1 comentário

Moses Moses
Moses Moses
29 de jun. de 2022

Nice documentary about the grind peeps have to go thru to get their music played. Put in the work and the rewards are priceless!

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