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Gritty In the City: Retail in Detail

RVA Music hits the streets of NYC.

At a bar one evening in Richmond Va., HearRVA's eliturite overheard, Gritty City Records' co-owner, Johnny Ciggs talking about trying to break his music into new markets by going into record stores and selling hand to hand. After some chit-chat about the details, HearRVA tagged along as Johnny Ciggs and Fan Ran (other co-owner of Gritty City) walked all over New York City getting their music placed into stores.

Check out Gritty City Records: @grittycityrecs

Thank you to Johnny Ciggs and Fan Ran for allowing us to come on this trip and letting us film their process.

Listen to Fan Ran's music here:

Listen to Johnny Ciggs's music here:

All music within this video is produced by Fan Ran: @fanranfilms

Videography and Editing by: Elijah Hedrick

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