Music Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to HearRVA for consideration! 

We want to be clear and up front; HearRVA and CBS6 are separate entities that require different standards for the music they promote.


Each submission will be considered for both parties, but there are absolutely no guarantees that a submission will be promoted on either platform. With that said, we will do our best to see where your music can fit. If you would like for it to be considered for CBS6 please take a look at the criteria list to the right. If you want it to be considered by HearRVA, just make dope music.

HearRVA is accepting music from all genres, because our goal is to provide a space for people to find their favorite artists and come across others they don't know. If someone leaves our platform without finding another artist they can support, then we have failed.


We want HearRVA to be the tree that connects all the branches of Richmond’s music scene.

Criteria to be played on CBS6

  1. The artist has to be from Richmond or the surrounding areas. 

  2. The artist has to be unsigned.

  3. Songs can be submitted in the form of a website link (Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.) This is the only way we can play it at the station. We will NOT accept .mp3 or .wav files.

  4. We’d prefer if the song is upbeat, but if it slaps it slaps.

  5. MUST be clean to play on-air. NO ‘curse’ words, NO mentions of Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Violence or Sex. 

  6. The artist must give permission for CBS to use their music on all morning shows, 4pm and 11pm broadcasts.

  7. There are no guarantees that a submission will be played on CBS6. We are not a part of CBS6, just partners, so if CBS6 deems it unplayable, there is nothing we can do. 

  8. Artists should provide some info about themselves (Upcoming shows, albums releases or other announcements).

  9. Every new artist that meets this criteria and is played on-air will be recorded, we will provide the artist with the video so that they can use it for their own promotions.

  10. This is free for artists to submit. We will NEVER accept any form of payment for this service. 

Songs chosen for CBS6 will be entered into our database of Richmond music and the News Producers will select multiple songs each day to be played on air. Currently HearRVA is providing music for the Morning News broadcasts ( 7-days a week ) and we are in talks of expanding that to also include the 4pm and 11pm broadcasts.

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