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Shockoe bottom water tower in Richmond, VA

Slip In Shockoe Playlist

Clock out, because it’s time to let loose. Plan a walk around the city on a First Friday with your friends and throw this on as you prepare for the evening. These high-energy songs will encourage your body to get moving, whether a pop-lock routine or a hair-twirling head-bang is needed is entirely up to the individual listening.

Erin & The Wildfire offer a danceable pop song “Shape” that promotes body-acceptance as you get dressed, Singer Anneliese ushers us around the art galleries while traffic signs blink in the distance with “Bury Me in Daylight” and then Nickelus F tries to bring the night to a close with “Walls of Jericho”, an audio version of that feel just after a shot of Tequila.

HearRVA mixtaste playlist quiz shockoe cassette tape
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HearRVA mixtaste playlist quiz cassette tape


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