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S1E4: Ant The Symbol on Liner Notes

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Ant The Symbol snacks while reliving "Days of Distance" and rebranding 'Producer Battles'!

Producing a slew of classic Richmond Hip-Hop albums has kept Ant The Symbol busy over the last 2 decades, but now he's expanding. Ant reflects on how he created an album with so many Richmond emcees during the lockdowns of 2020, the hurdles of breaking from Hip-hop into other genres and also find out how tempting it is to sit 2-feet from cake pops during an interview.

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Ant The Symbol Pop-Up Liner Notes (Season 1, Episode 4)

1.4.1) Early work from Ant The Symbol, From Simple to Symbol: 2008​-​2015 ,

1.4.2) Ant talking to Audio Engineer: Gordy Michael & Set Photographer: Keshia Eugene

1.4.3) DJ Harrison, producer and musician.

Appeared on Liner Notes Season 1 (watch episode).

1.4.4) Deau Eyes is Ali Thibodeau, a singer-songwriter from Richmond, VA.

Appears on Liner Notes Season 1.

1.4.5) Cheesemonger: /ˈCHēzˌmäNGɡər/noun BRITISH

a person who sells cheese, butter, and other dairy products. A true cheesemonger is passionate about cheese and should be able to recommend which cheeses pair well with which foods and wines.

1.4.6) Rap Elite: Created by Radio B, RVA Rap Elite is considered the modern day battle ground for those proving their lyrical skill in Richmond, VA. The rapper who gets the most praise for his or her lyrics is the winner and gets a custom-made hoodie, a free studio session, and free entry to cyphers until the end of the year. Each cypher is an episode posted on YouTube and every person who signs up receives footage of their performance.

1.4.7) Radio B: EMCEE/Songwriter/Platform builder, Designer, and Curator.

Appears on Season One of Liner Notes.


1.4.9) "Days of Distance" aka the album, Air: Project "Days Of Distance", a weekly music collaboration, started in April 2020 to collaborate with other home-recording artists. The result ended up being an unexpected, cohesive album that was very much a sign of the times.

Artist involved: Ben FM, Reppa Ton, Kels, Ndefru, Johnny Ciggs, Giant, DJ Skruff, Graphic Melee, Skinny Hendrixx, Eliturite, OG Illa, Fan Ran, O-Z, Lioness Jade, Edison Av., and Corinne Stevie.

1.4.10) Sparked by the murder of George Floyd, large protests against racism and police use of force rocked Richmond, VA during the summer of 2020 with smaller demonstrations months after. One positive result of the protests was that confederate statues were finally removed from the city once known “Capital of the South”. The statues were mere symbols of the city's fight for equality which still continues.

1.4.11) Rob Milton: Rob Milton is a music journalist and indie soul singer. Milton creates R&B with influences ranging from golden-age N.Y.C. hip-hop and early-2000s neo-soul to electronic funk and jazz. They are a contributing blogger for SoulBounce and

1.4.12) Chance Fisher: Richmond native and hip-hop artist Chance Fischer is known for his clever lyricism and energetic performances, having opened for Talib Kweli and Freddie Gibbs.

1.4.13) Anneliese: Singer/songwriter, former vocalist for The Folly and one-half of house music duo Museum District.

1.4.14) Ant the Symbol created the Liner Notes theme song!

HearRVA Liner Notes crew with Maggie Graff

Episode Credits


Host: Elijah Hedrick

Floor Director: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Audio Engineer: Gordy Michael

Camera Crew: Alex Bolton and Barrett Miller II

Set Photographer: Keshia Eugene

Gofer: Jai Hedrick

Director of Photography: Elijah Hedrick

Editing: Elijah Hedrick

Motion Graphics: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Stop-Motion Animation: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Short Animations

'Inktober7' Animation and Beat by Theodore Taylor III

'Inktober17' Animation and Beat by Theodore Taylor III

'Inktober15' Animation and Beat by Theodore Taylor III

'Headman’ Animation by Rian L. Moses, “Galactic Waves” on Boogieman; Beat by Gordy Michael

‘ladybug’ Animation by Rian L. Moses, “Look Sharp” on Boogieman; Beat by Gordy Michael

'Butternut Squash Soup' by: Rian L. Moses, “Soul Waves” on Boogieman; Beat by Gordy Michael

Music Credits

"To The Sky" - Ant The Symbol feat. Eliturite, O-Z and GIANT from the album 'Air'

"Protect Your Peace" - Ant The Symbol feat. Starr Nyce from the album "Ant Hasn't Heard of You, Either"

"Pride Like a Pendant" - Ant The Symbol feat. Deau Eyes

"Names" - Ant The Symbol feat. Black Liq from the album 'Ant Hasn't Heard of You, Either'

"Exuberance" - Ant The Symbol feat. Johnny Ciggs from the album "Air"

"Sometimes" - Ant The Symbol feat. Eliturite from the album "Air"

"Come Over" - Ant The Symbol feat. Rob Milton

"Gone Astray" - Ant The Symbol feat. Reppa Ton! from the album "Ant Hasn't Heard of You, Either"

"Liner Notes Theme" by Ant The Symbol

Honestly Smoked Diner Notes-"0.30" from album 'Dollar Bin Vol. 1' by Gordy Michael

HWC Sweet Shop Diner Notes- "0.14" from album 'Dollar Bin Vol. 2' by Gordy Michael

HearRVA Bandcamp Friday Post"Rhode Runner" from album 'sketchbook' by Gordy Michael

'Liner Notes' was created and produced by HearRVA LLC

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