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Music Mixer and Fundraiser Kicks Off Richmond Music Week

Written by: Kaiana Lee

Richmond has no shortage of musicians. When HeaRVA kicked off their blog, the intention was to bridge the gap between artists and the industry. To put musicians in connection with any resources that may benefit them. With that came events designed with that sentiment in mind. This year the platform hosts its second-ever Music Mixer and Fundraiser in connection with Richmond Music Week.

Richmond Music Week is a celebration of the capital's flourishing music scene, according to their website. The week begins on Aug. 4, cheekily making a nod to the city's area code (804), and ends on Aug. 11. HearRVA’s Music Mixer and Fundraiser settles itself at the beginning of the week on Aug. 5. The atmosphere is expected to be different from the last. Featuring performances from Gordy Michael, Goodnight Daniel, FLKL, and Weekend Plans the event takes on an all-new aspect of the music scene.

Elijah Hedrick and Rian Moses-Hedrick with event poster
Poster design by Tyler Blankinship; Selfie of Elijah Hedrick and Rian Moses-Hedrick

Cofounders Elijah Hedrick and Rian Moses-Hedrick are excited to reach people face to face and leave them with something beneficial.

“...I want everybody there to enjoy the music, enjoy the time, enjoy the people, but also, I would love everybody to come out of there with one or two new connections that they can use to help themselves help the other person as well and just kind of continue to weave together this really dope network that we have in Richmond,” Hedrick said.

The goal of the event has always been connection but fun is also a big aspect of the event. They believe this year's mixer will have a much different vibe than the last.

“I'd say the mix is different this year, because we have an actual HearRVA team. We had some friends helping us last year, but it was a lot of Elijah and I’s input, “ Moses-Hedrick said.

HearRVA crew at 2022 Mixer and Fundraiser
2022 Mixer and the people who helped make it happen.

Last year's event held performances from DJ B-Rice, Kaay Taurus, Kenneka Cook, and Chance Fischer at the Hof Garden. The mixer primarily focused on an R&B and hip-hop edge with its musical talents. With the Hedrick’s initial start being in both genres, they went with what they knew. This year, HearRVA chose to branch out and include rock and indie genres in the mix.

“If you're trying to show passion, it's gonna be what you're passionate about. So now that we have new members on the team, their passions are mixed in and it helps with the diversity of the lineup,” Moses-Hedrick said.

The event also will take on a more intimate atmosphere with this year's venue space. HearRVA having its roots in Richmond music and art believe it is important to use a space that is well known for this.

“We're having it at Gallery5, which is a staple in the Jackson Ward community. There's been a ton of shows alongside the small gallery part; like, they're known for having really dope intimate concerts there. So, I think just the atmosphere is going to excite people. Last year, the venue was great, it gave us a lot of space. But people didn't really look at that room as a music room, so to speak,” Moses-Hedrick said.

The event continues to hold space for community groups this year. Last year, the event hosted local community group RISE for YOUTH, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to giving youth opportunities and alternatives to youth incarceration, according to their website. While partnered with RISE for YOUTH they were able to raise a thousand dollars through the mixer.

This year, ticket and raffle sales will contribute to LIV (Life Is Valuable) Corp, a local community group. LIV is rooted in Richmond that focuses on giving K-12 students opportunities to attend and explore their interests. These students are set up with a mentor that will help them 1 on 1 reach their goals and make solid plans for the future. This organization is a perfect fit for the mixer because its values align so closely with what HearRVA is all about.

HearRVA is a grassroots organization that prides itself on uplifting local talent in any way they can. Ultimately, they are all about community and creating opportunities. The Music Mixer and Fundraiser are just one of the many ways they are helping artists grow in their field and make connections.

Don't wait. Buy your tickets now! Nifty Link

When: Saturday, August 5, 2023

Where: Gallery5 200 W Marshall St Richmond VA 23220

Time: 7-11PM

Tickets: Regular $20, Day of $25 (1 raffle ticket given with each purchase)

Music by: Gordy Michael, Goodnight Daniel, FLKL, and Weekend Plans

Vendors: HearRVA, LIV, The Auricular, The Newlin Music Prize, Hourglass Sessions, WRIR 93.7FM, Musiq Cultura RVA and Shockoe Records

Blog Author - Kaiana Lee: Hey everyone! I'm Kaiana and I've been living in Richmond, VA for just under 4 years now. I'm currently in school pursuing a journalism degree and I'm more than excited to combine my love for music with that degree.

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