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Music Submission Without The Hassle

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Written by: Kaiana Lee

The skill that comes with creating music cannot be ignored. From the simple understanding of rhythm to the elaborate mechanics of creating melody, musicians put their souls into using sounds to create life. So, when that life is created, what comes next? When you finally have something worth sharing with the world, don’t waste time with potential scams and false promises.

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Many artists have resorted to posting their music on their social media accounts. Hoping someone will click the Linktree in their bio, hopefully, make their way to the Spotify link, and MAYBE listen to their music. Sure, that isn’t the worst plan but there are ways to level your game up even further.

Another way to promote your sound is to submit to blogs and playlists. Giving those of us with a larger platform the opportunity to share your art is a great way to get your music heard. Now, of course, you could submit your music right HERE to HearRVA, but if you’re looking for other options this is a solid place to start.

When it comes down to sheer music submission, Musosoup and Submithub are the top contenders for getting your tracks heard. Now the way these two platforms work is where the divide happens.

Submithub is free to sign up and the site allows the artist to be selective of who they send their music to. Submithub creates filters that send your music to those who are most likely to be interested in your sound. So, as long as you know what your music sounds like and categorize it carefully you'll get a great selection of blogs and influencers. The site has over a thousand blogs and playlisters and over 700 influencers to which you can send your music. Some of these blogs may charge a small fee for a review on their site; however, playlisting tends to be free across the board.

Musosoup on the other hand is a different story. Starting with a flat fee of 30 USD they send your music to every contributor on the site. They have over 200 curators on the site as of 2023 so your music will be heard but it isn't as selective.

If you want playlisting and don't want to bother with the blogs and the influencers these other options might be best:

Playlisting is a tricky game. Many of these sites work through a third-party process that claims to get your playlist to Spotify. These three options, Soundplate, Dailyplaylists, and Indiemono, are top-rated among other musicians, but they might come with the same complications other platforms face if not careful.

Just like anything else these playlisting websites can leave you subject to playlist scams. This is a major problem in the industry that musicians have to protect themselves from. The best way to avoid these scams is to know one thing: Playlisting is typically a free service.

These sites have free services used to submit your music to playlists and get FREE exposure. In no situation should someone ask for pay to simply add your song to a playlist. That one rule can help a lot with avoiding a scam or wasting your time with playlists that have fake followers. These are just a few options, but there are so many more out there that are worth a try.

Do you know of any other websites to submit music to? Have you come across any that musicians should avoid? Help out your fellow music community and list them in the comments below!


Blog Author - Kaiana Lee: Hey everyone! I'm Kaiana and I've been living in Richmond, VA for just under 4 years now. I'm currently in school pursuing a journalism degree and I'm more than excited to combine my love for music with that degree.

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