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Interview: Virginia Hip-Hop Artist, Chris Mattison

Chris Mattison opens up about his new album "The Intersection" on HearRVA

Check out our full conversation with Hip-Hop artist Chris Mattison. The Virginia-native reflects on living in two parts of the state, understanding the purpose behind life’s struggles and the importance of honesty on his upcoming album ‘The Intersection’.

Chris Mattison was in a terrible car accident recently that he was lucky to walk away from. Harnessing the emotion of that moment, he was able to complete this project with a flurry of energy. Chris taught himself to Mix and Master over the course of a month to execute the exact sound he wanted the album to have. And from the opening intro we are faced with the truth that sometimes life comes at you fast.

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“I like talking about things people can relate to on this album." - Chris Mattison

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