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Event: O-Z + Zhe’ Aqueen w/ guests. 9.4.20

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

O-Z and Zhe’ Aqueen's private event took place with a handful of amazing Richmond artists.

HearRVA was invited to see O-Z and Zhe' Aqueen's private show at the Darkroom. The Dark Room is a boutique event space and live music bar located in Scott's Addition at the historic Hofheimer Building. It was a small gathering of big talents here in Richmond, because you know, COVID was still around. We are happy that we could share some of that night with you.

O-Z and Zhe’ Aqueen at @TheDarkroom 09.04.2020

Line-up in order:


Tone Redd

T Soul


Zhe’ Aqueen

Emcee’d by Mike Jay

And they were all backed by Lamar Moore and DJ Melodic

“Going forward, it has allowed me to open up in a way, to where now I’m living outside of my comfort zone. Before I was just stepping outside of it. I’m influenced to live outside of it now, because the idea is to never be comfortable, and to always keep climbing. ” - O-Z
“I realized that my clearest moments would come as I was jolted awake from the fine line of conscious and the subconscious. It was almost as if my dreams would give a visual clarity to all of the ‘I can’t put a word to it’ emotions I was experiencing in the physical. ” - Zhé Aqueen

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