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Performance: Henny L.O. "Live at The Shop"

Henny L.O. - "LIVE at The Shop" Presented by HearRVA and Plan9 Music

Plan9 Music and HearRVA combined efforts to bring you "LIVE! at The Shop" w/ Henny L.O. from Carytown in Richmond, VA.

The Mutant Academy MC, stepped behind the store's desk and put on an amazing performance, but before he started, the night was already buzzing with performances by Meech and Mirtaw. Henny L.O. shares a few songs from his most recent projects "Ree Louis" (2021) and "Sages" (2020 produced by Ohbliv).

Track list:

1:50 Him

3:30 Whatever You Need

5:12 Like Like

7:08 Rhyme Nissin

10:35 RIP

13:40 Mocha Leather

Thank you to Hip-Hop, Chris and the whole Plan9 crew for reaching out.

Thank you to Henny L.O., Meech, Mirtaw and all in attendance for being dope and filled with positive energy.

Thank you for watching.

Learn More About Henny L.O.:

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Equipment used on Set:

Movo Wireless Lav Mic:

Canon SL3 Set:

GoPro Hero5 Black Waterproof Digital:

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