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S2E4: Reese Williams on Liner Notes

Passion-powered projects are Reese Williams’ speciality.

Reese Williams is one of Richmond’s most enthusiastic cultural cultivators. You can hear and see Reese on Shockoe Sessions Live!, the podcast “This Room Sounds Great” and even some on-hold phone recordings for businesses. Listen to her talk about all the amazing projects that she is helping to make happen.

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Reese Williams Pop-Up Liner Notes (Season 2, Episode 4)

2.4.1) The "French tuck" refers to tucking in just the front of your shirt, popularized by Tan France in season two of Queer Eye. Step up your style HERE

2.4.2) Xtra 99.1 FM WXGM is the adult contemporary radio station in Gloucester, VA where Reese hosted.

2.4.3) Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist, most famous for writing the international best-seller The Alchemist.

2.4.4) Shockoe Sessions Live features a wide variety of Richmond musicians with a live-streamed concert every Tuesday.

2.4.5) In Your Ears Studios is a recording studio in Shockoe Bottom and the home of Shockoe Sessions Live.

2.4.6) ​​This Room Sounds Great is a long-form podcast where Reese interviews musicians who have performed on Shockoe Sessions Live.

2.4.7) Rodney “The Soul Singer” Stith is an American Soul singer, songwriter and producer from Petersburg, Virginia. His powerful urban retro soul brings back the soulful sound of the old classic rhythm and blues. Signed to Shockoe Records.

2.4.8) Michael Hawkins is an exciting and charismatic bassist currently residing in the Richmond, Virginia area. His current band "Michael Hawkins and the Brotherhood", consist of James “Saxsmo” Gates - Alto Saxophone, Dr. Weldon Hill- piano, and Billy Williams Jr.-Drums

2.4.9) Spying On Humanity - Podcast

2.4.10) Follow the Richmond Music Trail, powered by HearRVA & Shockoe Records, through the various sections of Virginia's capital. We make it easy for the public to support the music community, so the musicians can continue creating the soundtrack to the city we love.

2.4.11) Visit the Historical Jackson Ward to see the Bojangles' statue and Hippodrome Theatre. Learn about the neighborhood HERE.

2.4.12) Formed by a team working with lead partners Carlos Chafin (In Your Ear Studios), Queon “Q” Martin (Carter Magazine), Craig Martin (The Good Road) and Alex Martin (Digital Video Group), Shockoe Records is a label whose objective provides artists with more autonomy, and most importantly, does not and will not own an artist’s intellectual property. Instead, the label will facilitate a host of services including marketing, booking, merchandise production, sync licensing, album production, and more to bolster the artist’s career efforts.

2.4.13) Commonwealth Concert Opera (CCO) is dedicated to creating more opportunities for young and seasoned singers in Richmond and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia by performing great and varied works at a professional standard.

2.4.14) The Ballast Band is a Middle Peninsula, VA based 4-piece rock oriented ensemble.

HearRVA Liner Notes with Charles Owens, Elijah Hedrick, Rian Moses Hedrick, Clark Moeller, Tyler Blankinship, Max Ross, Mel Lassiter, Gordy Michael, Alex Bolton and Jai Hedrick

Episode Credits


Host / Creative Director: Elijah Hedrick

Floor Director / Lead Artist: Rian ‘Holy’ Moses

Director: Alex Bolton

Editor: Ian Ramprashad

Videographer: Melvin Lassiter

Audio Engineer: Clark Moeller

Guest Services: Max Ross

Photography / Additional Music: Gordy Michael

Graphics: Tyler Blankinship

Intern: Shiloh Tillman

Gofer: Jai Hedrick

Production: Tyler Scheerschmidt

Special Thanks to GAAP Dynamics

Short Animations

Theodore Taylor III: / @tedikuma

Music Credits

"Liner Notes Theme" by Ant The Symbol

'Liner Notes' was created and produced by HearRVA LLC

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