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S2E2: Mad Skillz on Liner Notes

Hip-hop legend Mad Skillz is the new Forrest Gump.

Hip-hop legend, Mad Skillz shares more amazing stories from the life of ‘Hip-hop’s Forrest Gump.’ Mad Skillz reflects on the Rap-Up, Rev Run, Hip-hop Confessions and his unexpected beef with Shaq.

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Mad Skillz Pop-Up Liner Notes (Season 2, Episode 2)

2.2.1) Since 2020, February 13th is recognized in Richmond as "Mad Skillz Day" to honor Mad Skillz. Our other guest this season with a holiday in Richmond is Bill Bevins.

2.2.2) "Palm Trees" featuring Kxrxn Dxn is the outro to Mad Skillz's 2018 album, "I'm The DJ...And The Rapper"

2.2.3) This year the Grammy's celebrated 50 years of hip-hop with a performance curated by Questlove of The Roots. Watch Part 1 and Watch Part 2 and Watch Part 3

2.2.4) Q-Tip is a hip-hop legend, most known for his work as a member of A Tribe Called Quest.

2.2.5) The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show was a legendary New York radio show throughout the 1990's, with this Mad Skillz & Q-Tip appearance taking place on April 14, 1994.

2.2.6) ​​David Letterman hosted the Late Show on CBS, one of the most successful and acclaimed talk shows in TV history, from 1993 to 2015.

2.2.7) From 2002 to 2021, Mad Skillz dropped an annual Rap Up track, including bars about several of the most noteworthy pop culture and news moments of the previous year. Watch 2021's Rap Up

2.2.8) "Lady" was the third single from D'Angelo's 1996 album Brown Sugar.

2.2.9) J. Dilla is one of the most influential producers in hip-hop history and produced "The Jam" on Mad Skillz's debut album in 1996.

2.2.10) It appears Mad Skillz is mixing two memories here; Ludacris performed at the Siegel Center on February 15, 2002 with The Roots and John Legend performing February 4, 2005.

2.2.11) Skillz' Hip Hop Confessions podcast is available on all major platforms and includes interviews with a broad variety of guests including, Lil Duval, and Michael Millions.

2.2.12) Rapper Big Pooh is a member of the legendary hip-hop group Little Brother and he was born in Fairfax, VA.

2.2.13) Shock G, one of the founding members of Digital Underground, also found success under his alter ego Humpty Hump through "The Humpty Dance."

2.2.14) Hurby "Luv Bug" is a hip-hop pioneer best known for discovering Salt-N-Pepa and Kid 'n Play. Learn more about Hurby

2.2.15) DJ Jazzy Jeff may be best known for his work with The Fresh Prince, but he's had a prosperous solo career including touring with Mad Skillz.

2.2.16) Mad Skillz teamed up with DJ P Cutta & DJ Whoa for a special version of Cutta's popular Street Wars mixtape series titled Street Wars: The Finals (Skillz vs. Shaq)

2.2.17) Donland Entertainment owned by Los use to be on 917 W. Grace St. Video of Mad Skillz with Donland shirt

2.2.18) Andrew Hypes is a Waynesboro/Richmond, VA DJ, Producer and Drummer with a catalog that includes Grammy award-winning artist Lecrae, Evan Barlow, French Montana, and Mad Skillz. They've had opening sets for Pharrell Williams, Pusha-T, and Diplo also.

2.2.19) Battle Rap: also known as an MC battle, is a set up competition commonly held in leagues, in which two rappers either improvise lyrics or have written lyrics to insult the other rapper.

2.2.20) DJ Lonnie B is a Richmond, VA DJ, a businessman and an urban music historian. One of the founders of the 804 Flava label and was a rapper in the group the SupaFriendz. They are the mix show coordinator as well as a prime time DJ for WCDX – IPOWER 92.1

2.2.21) The Million Dollar Backpack is the third studio album by rapper Mad Skillz. It was released on July 22, 2008 on Koch Records and distributed by Big Kidz Entertainment.

2.2.22) Ghost writer: A ghostwriter is a professional hired to write something credited to someone else.

2.2.23) Leikeli47 is a rapper who was raised in both Virginia and New York, primarily in the Brooklyn. She is known for concealing her face with a bandana or balaclava. "Money" music video

2.2.24) Harold Lilly Jr. is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. He has written songs for artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Brandy, Zayn Malik, Angie Stone and Luther Vandross.

HearRVA Liner Notes with Mad Skillz, Elijah Hedrick, Rian Moses Hedrick, Clark Moeller, Tyler Blankinship, Max Ross, Mel Lassiter, Gordy Michael, Alex Boltonand Jai Hedrick

Episode Credits


Host / Creative Director: Elijah Hedrick

Floor Director / Lead Artist: Rian ‘Holy’ Moses

Director: Alex Bolton

Editor: Ian Ramprashad

Videographer: Melvin Lassiter

Audio Engineer: Clark Moeller

Guest Services: Max Ross

Photography / Additional Music: Gordy Michael

Graphics: Tyler Blankinship

Intern: Shiloh Tillman

Gofer: Jai Hedrick

Production: Tyler Scheerschmidt

Special Thanks to GAAP Dynamics

Short Animations

Theodore Taylor III: / @tedikuma

Music Credits

"Liner Notes Theme" by Ant The Symbol

Honestly Smoked Diner Notes-"0.30" from album 'Dollar Bin Vol. 1' by Gordy Michael

'Liner Notes' was created and produced by HearRVA LLC

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Moses Moses
Moses Moses
May 24, 2023

Nice peace with solid content which favorably reflects RVA musical talent! Shaq story was hilarious!!

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