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S1E10: Deau Eyes on Liner Notes

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Deau Eyes on creating a visual album for 'Let It Leave' + updating Americana music to fit today

If you take 80’s-Aerobics-energy and Americana music and blend them together you get Ali Thibodeau, who also goes by the moniker Deau Eyes! She stops by ‘Liner Notes’ to help us close out Season One and talks about how her album 'Let It Leave’ came to life, the new artists she is collaborating with and what’s next for her as a Richmond musician.

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Deau Eyes Pop-Up Liner Notes (Season 1, Episode 10)

1.10.1) Counting Crows: For more than three decades, the GRAMMY and Academy Award-nominated rock band Counting Crows have enchanted listeners worldwide with their intensely soulful and intricate take on timeless rock & roll. Exploding onto the music scene in 1993 with their multi-platinum breakout album, August and Everything After, the band has gone on to release seven studio albums, selling more than 20 million records worldwide, and is revered as one of the world’s most pre-eminent live touring rock bands.

1.10.2) Angelica Garcia: Angelica Garcia, is a singer-songwriter who use to be based out of Richmond, Virginia. She has released two studio albums, and her song "Jícama" became widely known when Barack Obama selected the track for his 2019 year-end list.

1.10.3) Bullets Hamburgers: Founded in Richmond, VA 1991. Legend has it that you may still find a Bullets labeled burger in a BP gas station heading out toward Goochland on Interstate 64W.

1.10.4) Erin Frye: Erin is a singer-songwriter and yoga and meditation teacher who finds purpose in bringing hope and healing to communities world-wide through accessible music and wellness experiences. Her travels as a volunteer musician have spanned from Africa to Europe, and across North America; to orphanages, refugee camps, in juvenile jails, and more. She is the founder of Gals for a Cause RVA, a Guest Artist with FreeHorse Arts, and currently is the Director of Programs & Outreach at Culture Works in Richmond, VA.

1.10.5) SPARC: SPARC programs provide transformative performing arts education to over 3,000 students each year. Through Creative Youth Development initiatives, SPARC’s highly skilled teaching artists intentionally integrate the arts with youth development principles. Students discover their creativity and build critical learning and life skills that carry into adulthood. 2106 North Hamilton Street, Richmond, Virginia 23230

1.10.6) ​​The Tin Pan: We decided to name our restaurant and music venue “The Tin Pan” to celebrate the American music industry as a whole and to highlight the concentration of diverse talent springing up right here at home in Richmond, VA. That’s why our performance stage hosts top-level touring acts alongside crowd favorites from down the street. 8982 Quioccasin Road, Richmond, VA 23229

1.10.7) Cary St. Cafe: known for its vegetarian dishes, Grateful Dead decor and consistent live music — was around for 34 years. It closed its doors in April 2021.

1.10.8) WhateverHoney: Super Group with Hannah Goad, Ali Thibodeau and Angelica Garcia

1.10.9) Poe's Pub: ​​Poe’s Pub is an Irish tavern in Church Hill with a moody twist featuring great food, drink and entertainment. An ode to the poet, this restaurant features clever menu items and décor that you’ll love. Fittingly, it's within walking distance from the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, meaning you could easily enjoy an entire Poe-themed day. 2706 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223

1.10.10) Lucy Dacus: Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Dacus attracted attention with her debut album No Burden, which led to a deal with Matador Records. Her second album, Historian, was released in 2018 to further critical acclaim.

1.10.11) Collin Pastore:Collin Pastore is a producer and engineer based in Nashville, TN. Specializing in rock, americana and pop, he has made a name for himself working with critically celebrated artists such as Lucy Dacus and Illuminati Hotties. Collin grew up in Richmond, VA and graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2014.

1.10.12) TEDxYouth: Haven't You Had Quite Enough | Ali Thibodeau | TEDxYouth@RVA

1.10.13) "Paper Stickers" music video:

1.10.14) Michael Thibodeau: Is a creative artist based out of Richmond, VA. He has spent the past several years sharing the arts with people of all ages through theater, film, writing, directing and other forms of entertainment.

1.10.15) Scott Lane: Is a producer, composer, mix engineer, manager and owner of music company Subflora. They also are a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist that goes by left.hnd

1.10.16) Subflora: subflora is a music company in richmond, va. They are one part recording studio and record label working with artist like Kenneka Cook, Marcus Tennishu, Landon Elliot, and left.hnd. Subflora also develops and records compositions for tv, film, ads, podcasts, and special projects. Projects are led by a roster of producers in Richmond, VA, including Scott Lane, Bill Grishaw and DJ Harrison.

1.10.17) Spacebomb: Spacebomb is a music company proudly based in Richmond, Virginia. They work with great artists in different ways: releasing music as their label, publishing their songs, producing their records, and managing their careers.

1.10.18) McKinley Dixon: Dixon has been active as a songwriter and rapper since 2016. Much of his work spans the underground scenes in the hip-hop and indie spheres. He uses his music as a tool for healing, exploring, and unpacking the Black experience in order to create stories for others like him. McKinley Dixon won Richmond, VA’s inaugural award, Newlin Music Prize, for his album For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her in 2022.

HearRVA Liner Notes with Deau Eyes, Elijah Hedrick, Rian Moses Hedrick, and Jai Hedrick

Episode Credits


Host: Elijah Hedrick

Floor Director: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Audio Engineer: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Camera Crew: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Gofer: Jai Hedrick

Director of Photography: Elijah Hedrick

Editing: Elijah Hedrick

Motion Graphics: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Stop-Motion Animation: Rian Moses-Hedrick

Short Animations

'Lego Dance' by Jai Hedrick

'That Was Close' by Rian L. Moses

'Inktober2' animation and beat by Theodore Taylor III

'Inktober5' animation and beat by Theodore Taylor III

'Art Kid Tommy' animation and beat by Don Jonathan Webb

Music Credits

“The Bow” by Deau Eyes, From the album 'Let It Leave'

“Some Do” by Deau Eyes, Recorded by HearRVA in the WTVR Weather Garden

“Haven’t You Had Quite Enough” music video by Deau Eyes feat. DJ Harrison, From the album 'Let It Leave'

“Smoke” music video by Deau Eyes, From the album 'Let It Leave'

“Paper Stickers” music video by Deau Eyes, From the album 'Let It Leave'

“Twist My Hair” by McKinley Dixon feat. Deau Eyes, ‘For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her’, Released on Spacebomb Records. 2021

“Pride Like a Pendant” by Ant The Symbol feat. Deau Eyes, From the album 'I Know Who I Am', Release date TBD

“When” by Deau Eyes, From the album 'Legacies', Release TBD

"Liner Notes Theme" by Ant The Symbol

Honestly Smoked Diner Notes-"0.30" from album 'Dollar Bin Vol. 1' by Gordy Michael

HWC Sweet Shop Diner Notes- "0.14" from album 'Dollar Bin Vol. 2' by Gordy Michael

'Liner Notes' was created and produced by HearRVA LLC

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Moses Moses
Moses Moses
Apr 14, 2022

Another great interview by the HearRVA team! Keep representing RVA as you ascend your program to greatness!! Deuces

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