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Interview: Indie-Rock band Deau Eyes excited to perform again.

Deau Eyes chats with HearRVA about Friday Cheers, Richmond and Lockdown Creativity

We got the chance to sit down with Ali Thibodeau from Richmond indie-rock band, Deau Eyes, to talk about preparation for their show that opens up the Friday Cheer's summer line-up of outdoor concerts on Brown's Isle with the Cris Jacobs Band on May 7th.

As with most people, things didn't go as planned last year. The members of Deau Eyes were gearing up to promote their new album "Let It Leave" just before the world paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This unforeseeable event forced them to cancel performances for over a year. They are excited to flex their live-performance muscles again in front of the city they love.

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“I feel like all of us were going a little bit crazy there for a second. I feel like it's going to pay off and we are going to see a whole new energy in live music in general." - Ali Thibodeau, Deau Eyes

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