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Richmond Fringe Fest: The Embalmers

Written by: Rian L. Moses

Get ready to don your wildest attire and dive into the psychedelic soundscape of monster surf rock as The Embalmers take center stage at Richmond Fringe's SUNDAY After Hours Party at The Basement on Sunday, April 14, from 8 - 10 pm. It's bound to be a night of thrills, chills, and killer tunes that'll leave you howling for more!

The monster surf rock band, The Embalmers, performing

For The Embalmers, the Fringe Festival is more than just an event—it's a gathering of kindred spirits who relish in the thrill of living on the edge. Sharing their unique perspective, they declare, "We come from an ancient sect of secret societies who know and study the thin wall between life and death. Life is for having fun and exploring all that is on offer. The Fringe festival gives us a chance to meet others who enjoy living on the fringe."

But why should you join the party and catch The Embalmers in action? According to the band, they're here to rock your socks off and get you grooving like never before. Forget your typical monster surf rock band—The Embalmers bring a mystic, self-deprecating sense of humor to their musical journey, promising an evening of pure bliss and irreverent fun.

So who exactly are The Embalmers? Just your average Joes, they'll tell you, on a mission to spread good vibes and rhythmic wiggles through the power of their acoustic wavelengths. With a penchant for bad jokes and a knack for getting the party started, The Embalmers are here to ensure you have the time of your life.

While The Embalmers may call Greater Richmond, VA, their home base, their reach extends far beyond city limits. With their blend of surf, punk, and weird melodic rock, they're committed to spreading their infectious energy across the globe, one dance floor at a time.

Looking ahead to 2024, The Embalmers have big plans in store. From rocking out at Richmond's unique bars and breweries to unleashing their chilling vibes during the eternal abyss of October's spooky season, they're gearing up for another year of musical mayhem and monster madness.

So whether you're a seasoned surfer or a novice to the waves of monster rock, grab your board and join The Embalmers at Richmond Fringe for a night of unforgettable antics and sonic adventures. Follow them on Instagram at @theembalmersrva and keep an eye out for the telltale red fez and gold jackets—because when you see them, you'll know the party has truly begun!

See The Embalmers during Richmond Fringe Fest

The Basement, on Sunday, April 14th, at 8 pm

Learn more about the Richmond Fringe Fest and all the festivities, HERE.

Blog Author - Rian L. Moses: What's Up?! I'm one of the founders of HearRVA. Richmond, Virginia has been my home since 2006 and I'm still discovering new things. I'm a visual artist at heart and graduated from VCU in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art (major in video & animation/ minor in painting & printmaking). It feels great to use these skills on all the visuals you see coming out of HearRVA.

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