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JChats Interview: Ant The Symbol, Music Producer

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Ant the Symbol on being nominated for the Newlin Music Prize + what's next for the producer 'JChats'

Ant The Symbol stops by 'JChats' to discuss being nominated twice for the Newlin Music Prize and why he's been doing more live performances and what music he has coming soon!

Come hang out with us while we discuss new music and cats. Don’t forget to peep previous interviews that JCat has done!

Watch Ant The Symbol on Liner Notes

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Host: JCat @HearRVAJCat

Video Edited by: Ian Ramprashad

Thank you to Gordy Michael for providing his dusty beasts for this video. Find more music from the Richmond Producer at:

Intro song: "Gone Astray" - Ant The Symbol feat. Rep!

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