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Color: 2non Vu and NiccoFeem

Written by: Natty Gorby

"Color" by 2non Vu and NiccoFeem, is a high-energy pop song that instantly captivates listeners with its lively beats and catchy melodies. From the moment the music begins, radiant energy is delivered, grabbing the listener's attention. The vibrant tune creates an engaging experience that will have everyone dancing along without hesitation. It reminds one of the joy of summertime, evoking the excitement of meeting people and embracing the moment.

The lyrics perfectly capture an atmosphere. It may even make the listener feel like they are sharing the same experience. Lyrics such as "Say less, legs crossed at the foot of the bar" and "Make a scene, drinks up, lime squeeze ain't enough", by NiccoFeem, paint a picture of an encounter at the bar and set us up for the overarching theme for the song. Throughout the song's lyrics, details of how the evening unfolds between the pair. The overall joyful, upbeat music alongside the lyrics portrays the excitement of meeting someone that sparks your interest for the first time.

"Color" celebrates a relatable experience, which is the creation of connections and the playful dance of attraction.

If you're searching for a song that will instantly ignite your desire to hit the dance floor, "Color" is a song that delivers.

Now, I'm scrolling through your Instagram * When your boobies squish it's like a boobie Venn Diagram * Catch my breath * Breathe in deep like I'm singing from my diaphragm -2non Vu

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Blog Author - Natty Gorby: I am graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Management and Marketing, and have experience with working music festivals, music promotion, booking events, designing posters, and much more. I make illustrations and work on other artwork in my free time. Some other things I like to do are reading books and "attempting" to practice saxophone. Music is one of my favorite joys in life.

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