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Embracing Being True Self: DeathbyRomy

Written by: Natty Gorby

Recently, my HearRVA teammate Qing Richy and I had an incredible opportunity to interview the talented musician DeathbyRomy at the Richmond Raceway. Hailing from Los Angeles, DeathbyRomy has captivated audiences with her unique blend of genres, often described as alternative dark pop. Her performance and insightful interview left a lasting impression, highlighting the profound connection between the audience, her tour, and the courage to embrace one's unique identity.

Natty Gorby with DeathbyRomy. Photo taken by Sophie Gallagher
Natty Gorby with DeathbyRomy. Photo taken by Sophie Gallagher.

Nat: Currently you are on tour with Pierce the Veil, The Used, and Don Broco, can you tell me what that is like for you?

Romy: Well, I didn’t really know what to expect regarding how my music would be received by their fans, but luckily this seemed to really be a perfect fit for my music. A lot of the genre blending that I do seems to lend itself to some of the elements that the other bands use in their music and we have been really well received. It has been an incredible opportunity for a first tour.

Nat: Is there any advice you would give to a band that is coming up, because at times when a band is smaller, it can be easy to have some self doubts. How do you overcome that?

Romy: Well, number one piece of advice that I would give to artists who are trying to make it or are struggling with “what do I need to do to make it?” is to trust yourself, trust your own opinions of what your music should be and what your artist projects should be and don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about it. Because if you stray from what is genuine to you, you're going to start feeling disheartened and performing what isn't true to you. As long as you are sticking to what is true to you, that is going to be perceived as real and that is going to be what touches people.

Nat: Can you tell me about any memorable experience you had when you were coming up?

Romy: One of the most memorable experiences for me was my first headlining show when I released my first close to full length project “Monsters” in 2018. It was my first headlining show, and it was sold out. After that project I got a lot of buzz from pretty much every major label, being that that project was independently released and I was only 18 and seeing success in what I always believed in was one of the first big moments that proved to me that I can do this.

Nat: When I was researching things about you, something that stood out to me was your overall courage, the way you pursued, your outfits and style, and self-releasing music. What would you tell a musician who is considering music full time and how to embrace that?

Romy: I always say go after whatever makes you happiest, there is no point in pursuing anything that doesn't make you happy. If music is what makes you happy, you shouldn’t let anyone stop you.

Qing Richy: With self-expression, and using it as a vehicle to amplify yourself or discover yourself, what are some things that you learned about yourself and your journey as an artist performing and being someone who projects their personality through a “megaphone” ?

Romy: I've learned that I can be an inspiration to other young girls, just as artists who were before me were. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I am doing this; there's been a million times where I doubt myself and my own personal confidence, be that my physical form or me as a performer. This tour has really proven to me that I can get up there, I can kick-ass and I can be an image of inspiring confidence to other girls. I feel that in myself which is awesome.

Natty Gorby with DeathbyRomy. Photo taken by Sophie Gallagher.
Natty Gorby talking with DeathbyRomy at the Richmond Raceway. Photo taken by Sophie Gallagher.

Final Remarks

The interview and performance by DeathbyRomy at the Richmond Raceway illuminated the connection between music and embracing one's authentic self. As Romy performed it became evident that her music deeply resonated with the audience. After the captivating and energetic performance, I witnessed firsthand the impact she had on her fans as they eagerly approached her, their faces lit up with excitement. Romy graciously took the time to express her gratitude and take photos with her fans. DeathbyRomy's impact extends beyond the stage, reminding us all of the power of embracing our true selves.

Special thank you to Romy and her team for this incredible opportunity.

"I always say go after whatever makes you happiest, there is no point in pursuing anything that doesn't make you happy." -DeathbyRomy

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Photography credit: Sophie Gallagher

Blog Author - Natty Gorby: I am graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Management and Marketing, and have experience with working music festivals, music promotion, booking events, designing posters, and much more. I make illustrations and work on other artwork in my free time. Some other things I like to do are reading books and "attempting" to practice saxophone. Music is one of my favorite joys in life.

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