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Richmond Fringe Fest: Oracle Of The Morrigan

Written by: Angelea Hengle

Richmond artist and dancer, Ginnie Fae invites you to a performance of symbolism and connection at Fringe Fest 2023. Her recent work includes producing The Dance Gathering, a themed celebration of dance, and Vorynoi Dance Collective, a sisterhood dance project. Fae intertwines themes of community, magic, and Mythology into her work which is bound to enchant anyone who watches her perform.

Artists portrait of Ginnie Fae
Ginne Fae performing Oracle Of The Morrigan

Prior to her Fringe Fest act, I had the opportunity to find out more about Oracle of the Morrigan and what the culture of Fringe means to her.

Q: What does Fringe Fest mean to you, and how do you fit into the festival culture?

Fringe Fest is a unique and exciting opportunity for me to showcase my artistry and connect with fellow performers and audiences. I fit into the festival culture by bringing my own unique blend of dance and mythology to the stage, and by embracing the spirit of experimentation and risk-taking that Fringe Fest encourages.

Q: Can you tell me about the story of Morrigan, and what drew you to this story?

Morrigan is a fascinating figure in Irish mythology, a goddess associated with war, fate, and sovereignty. What drew me to this story was the power and complexity of the character, as well as the opportunity to explore the rich symbolism and storytelling traditions of Irish culture.

Q: Has mythology/folklore always played a part in your dancing, or was it a recent discovery that you instantly connected with?

Mythology and folklore have always fascinated me, and I've often drawn inspiration from these sources in my dance. However, the Morrigan character was a recent discovery that instantly resonated with me and inspired me to create this performance.

Q: How has dance affected your life, and how does this character/portrayal affect you?

Dance has been a transformative force in my life, helping me to express my emotions, connect with others, and explore new ways of moving and being. The character of the Morrigan challenges me to push beyond my comfort zone and embody a powerful, otherworldly presence on stage.

Q: What attracts you to the use of symbolism in your dance?

Symbolism allows me to communicate complex ideas and emotions through movement, helping to create a deeper connection with my audience and bring the story to life in a visceral way.

Q: What is your intention when you dance? Does it change from performance to performance?

My intention when I dance is to connect with my audience, tell a story, and express something meaningful and authentic. This intention will shift from performance to performance, depending on the context and the emotional landscape of the moment.

Ginne Fae
Ginne Fae, photo by Angelia Ruth

Q: How does the Richmond culture influence you?

Richmond culture is a rich and diverse blend of history, art, and community, and it has influenced me in countless ways as an artist and a person. I feel grateful to be part of this vibrant and supportive community, and I'm constantly inspired by the creativity and talent of those around me.

Q: How is Ginnie Murphy/Oracle of the Morrigan working locally, and making it global?

Ginnie Murphy/Oracle of the Morrigan is a local performance that is making waves globally by bringing the power and beauty of Irish mythology and dance to audiences around the world. Following my performance, it is my intention to build a virtual class on how to build this type of show, including strategies for connecting with source culture researchers. By sharing my artistry and passion with others, I hope to inspire others to connect with their own inner strength, spirit and creativity.

Q: Final thoughts?

I'm excited to continue exploring the intersection of dance and mythology, and to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible on stage. I believe that art has the power to transform lives and communities, and I feel honored to be part of the Fringe Fest and the Richmond creative scene. Thank you for supporting my work, and I hope to see you at the show!

Buy an entrance button and ticket to see Ginnie Fae perform, ORACLE OF THE MORRIGAN, Sunday, April 16, 2023 at the Richmond Fringe Festival.


Watch Ginnie Fae & HearRVA dance collaboration: video

Blog Author - Angelea Hengle: Hey y'all! I'm Angelea and am super excited to be a part of this great team! I'm a recent graduate from DePaul University in Chicago, IL, and am so happy to call Richmond home again. I received my Bachelor of Science in General Management with also a double minor in Psychology and Music Business. In college, I was President of DePaul Dance Company and Co-Event Coordinator for DePaul Music Business Organization. Creativity and artistry have always been a part of who I am and I am so grateful to be in this amazing community.

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