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Introducing: Roc Raw

Written by: Roc Raw

Hey there, I'm Roc Raw, a jack of all trades, master of quite a few, if I may say so myself. I'm a writer, emcee, photographer, videographer, content creator, and even a gardener.

Roc Raw

Growing up in central Virginia, living everywhere from Ashland to Highland Springs, Essex Village to Southside Richmond, I've always been about showcasing the richness of my stomping grounds. My journey into the arts began with music, pretty much as soon as I could hold a microphone. Over time, I taught myself the ropes of photography and videography and picked up a knack for gardening along the way.

Renaissance Recordings

One of my proudest achievements is the creation of Renaissance Recordings, an endeavor that's close to my heart. The aim? Simple. I wanted to shine a bright light on Richmond and its surrounding areas, giving us the recognition we deserve.

My approach to life is straightforward: consistency is key. I believe in maintaining the same energy in all that I do. In my view, the world's made up of two kinds of people: Smarts and Stupids. And let me just put it out there - Thanos had a point.

Outside of creating content and tending to my garden, you'll find me making music or shooting hoops. I've always taken a more comedic approach to life - it keeps things interesting, don't you think? And though I'd say my brain is an archive of 'useless' information, I'd argue it adds a unique flavor to my work.

Roc Raw Resources

Blog Author - Roc Raw: Peace, my name is Roc Raw, a content creator born and raised in Richmond, VA. I have accumulated over 400 years of wisdom, and it definitely feels like it! In my free time, I enjoy smoking weed and growing vegetables.

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