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Interview: Butcher Brown sharing new music

Butcher Brown talks about performing again, ENCORE and Richmond's influence on the music.

Join HearRVA as we get to hang with Butcher Brown at Jellowstone Studios as they gear up for their performance at Friday Cheers this Friday, 6/25, on Brown’s Island.

Butcher Brown is a Jazz/Funk band from Richmond, VA that is known for their ‘head-nod inducing’ music and energetic stage shows. Last year they released “#KINGBUTCH”, a full-length album and focused on creating video content to help promote it, since we were all stuck inside. They were also selected to create the new theme song for NFL Monday Night Football games! They played music under a Little Richard vocal track (both were/are signed to the Concord Jazz record label). So for 17 weeks, millions of people around the world heard these great Richmond artists showcase their work.

“ENCORE”, a new 4-track EP, was just released earlier this month and serves up a different flavor that helps to complement the music before it.

It was an amazing experience to get to hang inside of Jellowstone and feel the leftover vibes from all the amazing music that was created in that house.

A special thank you to WTVR CBS-6 and Videographer, Ian Ramprashad, for their time, knowledge and equipment.

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“Richmond, it was the glue. As far as music, Richmond was the glue that brought everyone together." - Corey Fonville (drums), Butcher Brown

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