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HearRVA at Manchester Manifest

Manchester Manifest First Friday event with LOCAL FOOD, MUSIC, and People

Getting out into the community and talking with people is one of the most fulfilling things that we (HearRVA) do. Luckily, there are some great Richmond events for us to do just that. In August 2021, we had a tent at the Manchester Manifest event on Hull Street, between 13th and 14th. This was the first event where the whole HearRVA team could attend and the vibe was like-that. So many wonderful music fans and musicians stopped by the table to learn more about Richmond music and to make sure that we knew about their favorite artist.

Find out when the next Manchester Manifest is happening!:

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Thank you to Gordy Michael (@gordymichael) who normally provides his dusty beasts for these recap videos, but this time he also shot all the footage! Find more music from the Richmond Producer at:

Canon SL3 Camera Set:

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