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HearRVA wants to introduce you to 'Liner Notes', a brand new video-podcast series that talks to the Richmond artists that are creating the soundtrack to the city. Through a unique mix of conversation and short animations by local visual artists, ‘Liner Notes’ helps add context to everything from the city of Richmond, Va. The RVA music we hear today has been influenced by Richmond’s people, art and food culture and its place in American history "Liner Notes' debuts on November 30th with Richmond producer and multi-instrumentalist, DJ Harrison!!! More Richmond musicians to come.


If you like what you have been seeing from HearRVA support our efforts and “Buy Us A Record”. 

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Take HearRVA's FREE MixTaste Playlist Quiz to get a curated playlist of only Richmond artists! Each playlist fits a specific vibe, but offers a mix of styles and genres to weave together a soundscape of the city designed for you.


To find more Richmond musicians follow @HearRVA on all social media or by going to


A big thank you to the crew that worked on this production and to Ant the Symbol for the super-dope theme music (More about Ant the Symbol


Camera Crew: Ian Ramprashad, Thomas Caprara, Jason Devisser, Alex Bolton, Barrett Miller and Keisha Eugene 

Audio Engineer: Gordy Michael 

Floor Director: Rian Moses-Hedrick 

Guest Coordination: Jessica Hedrick 

Host: Eliturite

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