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Safe Space Market
Perfomance Application

HearRVA is a community partner with Safe Space RVA Market. We will be helping them find music acts and creative performances to add up to 3 hours of ambiance to their small business vending market.


This form is to submit your interest in being included in the Safe Space Market as a musician/artist who meets/agrees to the following 5 important items:

✓Believes wholeheartedly that Black Lives Matter and supports anti-racism efforts.
✓Affirms and is supportive of LGBTQ+ folx.
✓Believes in police reform/defunding/abolition.
✓Agrees to support this initiative and project by promoting your business and the collective
✓Agrees to wear a mask while vending at Safe Space 

★Musician/Performance Payment is $75 per event.

**Acts that have done well in the space have been instrumental performances and busking (street performance) style. You do not need to be of this genre, but understand that you will not be the focus of the shopping event.

Criteria For Performances

  1. The artist is from Virginia. (Current or Once Before)

  2. You agree with Safe Space Market's message.

  3. Music should not overwhelm the shopping experience.

  4. Family Friendly Performances

  5. You must provide your own equipment

  6. Can perform up to 3 hours (with breaks)

  7. Safe Space Market always prioritizes LGBTQ+//BIPOC//Underrepresented artists. If we have space, we will consider ally artists, but our mission is to celebrate, support, and bring visibility to RVA's marginalized small businesses, artists and organizations.

Please know that while we would love to accommodate every artist, we want there to be diversity at our events. If we can accommodate you, we WILL send you a confirmation email!

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